Fang Fund is an impact investment firm associated with Fang Group Family Office, established in 2010.
Leveraging a global asset allocation strategy of FOF+ Direct Investment, the fund has invested in over 100 companies and 20 funds.
As a systematic investor in organic industry, Oneness Capital committed to extend beyond financial gains to fostering sustainable living.
Our ethos centers around the concept of "starting from me," where our endeavors aim to create a positive impact on humanity, society, and the natural environment.

Mykunda Field Mall Lifestyle is a way of living. It advocates and pursues a simple life in nature, encouraging a return to an abundant inner world. It explores ecological restoration both internally and externally, seeking the limitless possibilities of a beautiful life.

Ugly Beauty Orange (Chou Mei a-Gan) begins with a single orange, extending to a village and forming an ecological haven. A group of urban youth from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen takes root in Tieniu Village, Chengdu. Starting with cultivating an orchard, they engage in ecological planting, create agricultural innovation products, explore culinary experiences, and promote rural tourism. Together, through the humble orange, they aim to co-build and share the Chou Mei Agroecological community.

Founded in 2013 and rooted in Dali, Yunnan, Chimido is a lifestyle brand that uses Yunnan as a model, with ingredients as a medium, focusing on land and small producers. The brand cares about the diversity of local customs and explores the lifestyle of diverse cultures. It encompasses Chimido restaurants, Chimido lifestyle markets, Chimido lifestyle farms, Chimido supply and marketing cooperatives, Chimido homestays, and more. Following the "Farm-to-table" philosophy, Chimido shares knowledge on sustainability, stories of farmers and land, and embraces an interesting, poetic, and artistic way of life.

Lemon Monarch focuses on selling eco-friendly organic agricultural products, collaborating with local farmers in Yuanjiang County. The company provides seeds, bio-pesticides, and fertilizers, guiding farmers in organic cultivation. By purchasing and selling their products, Lemon Monarch fosters a mutually beneficial relationship, transforming local farming into organic practices and boosting income for over a hundred households. This initiative not only achieves economic gains but also contributes to the vibrancy of rural communities through cultural activities, planting exchanges, and children's camps.

CSA Academy serves as a platform to help new farmers venture into agriculture. CSA, a Socialized Ecological Agriculture Network, has been thriving for 16 years, connecting over 1,500 eco-organic farms nationwide. The academy is committed to promoting low-cost genuine organic production techniques and facilitating eco-organic farmers in connecting with product sales channels. It aims to empower outstanding new farmers in their entrepreneurial journey. With a philosophy of respecting the land and talent, embracing a slow-but-steady approach, and adopting a long-term perspective, each farm becomes a guardian of its local heritage.

Yimi Cloud Food Station, a leader in modern culinary management, utilizes cutting-edge technology and a decentralized structure to bring intelligent food pick-up cabinets and an open food research platform closer to consumers. Recognized by both the industry and consumers, it has pioneered a new era in Chinese cuisine. Expanding its success, the company is now revolutionizing personalized dining experiences on campuses.

3D Medicines (01244.HK) is a cancer-focused pharmaceutical company with a vision to enhance the lives of cancer patients. It has a robust portfolio of 12 innovative drug candidates, with eight in clinical development or commercialization. Notable products include Envida®, a PD-L1 monoclonal antibody, and globally approved Phase III trials for 3D189 and GAS6/AXL inhibitor 3D229. The company is dedicated to advancing oncology treatments for a better future.

Huaheng Biotech (Stock Code: 688639.SH) is a leading high-tech enterprise in China specializing in the research, production, and sales of bio-based products, with synthetic biology as its core technology. The company's primary product line includes amino acids (L-proline, DL-proline, β-proline, L-valine), vitamins (D-calcium pantothenate, D-panthenol, inositol), and other products. These products find extensive applications in intermediates, animal nutrition, personal care, functional foods and nutrition, and plant nutrition.

Through years of innovative development, Huaheng Biotech has emerged as a global leader in the large-scale production of specialty amino acids using bio-manufacturing techniques. Particularly noteworthy is the company's key technology for anaerobic fermentation of L-proline and L-valine using renewable glucose as a raw material, which has achieved international standards.

BeyondSpring Inc. (Stock Code: BYSI) is a global clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on innovative cancer therapies, particularly in the development of advanced immunotherapies for late-stage tumors. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the United States, BeyondSpring's mission is to leverage its academic and business expertise in cancer treatment to revolutionize the current landscape.

The company's flagship project, Plinabulin, derived from natural compounds, exhibits various biochemical activities, holding therapeutic potential for multiple cancers. BeyondSpring employs a novel, highly scalable business model that integrates resources from the United States and China, facilitating cost-effective drug approval and development. Their targeted research areas include non-small cell lung cancer, prevention of neutropenia, and Plinabulin in combination with PD-1 monoclonal antibodies.

is a global leader and pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence for retinal imaging. The company specializes in early detection, assisted diagnosis, and health risk assessment solutions based on AI recognition of retinal images. Airdoc achieves this through the analysis of retinal images, multimodal data, and deep learning algorithms in artificial intelligence.

Adagene Inc. (Stock Code: ADAG/300347.SZ/3347.H) is a leading biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering and developing innovative antibody-based cancer therapies. Leveraging its proprietary Dynamic Precision Library (DPL) technology, Adagene specializes in engineering and optimizing antibodies to target specific tumor antigens, aiming to deliver next-generation precision medicines for cancer patients. With a commitment to advancing cancer treatment and improving patient outcomes, Adagene is at the forefront of biopharmaceutical innovation.

Stemirna Bio is the first domestic company dedicated to the research and production of mRNA drugs, with a focus on mRNA personalized cancer vaccines. The company currently has over a dozen independently developed mRNA drug development projects and has established clinical collaboration relationships with several high-quality tertiary hospitals in China.

Bits & Bites, a premier agri-food tech venture capital firm, invests in innovative and scalable enterprises in agriculture and food technology. Focused on precision agriculture, animal and plant nutrition, disease prevention, human nutrition, and alternative proteins, their portfolio spans gene editing for crop traits, agricultural drones, low-GI health foods, and leading cell-cultured meat companies. Portfolio companies have garnered over $462 million in follow-on funding, significantly expediting technology commercialization and contributing to agricultural progress.

Long  Institute (a data research institute affliated to Long Credit)  stands as a leading advocate and practitioner of data intelligence in China. It initiated and established the institute, fostering close collaboration with national-level institutions such as the State Council Development Research Center. Leveraging the power of modern technology, the institute embarks on a journey to unlock the complexities of enterprises, industries, regions, and governments through the path of data exploration and insight.

A leading innovator in unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) in China,committed to bringing intelligent and unmanned solutions to traditional water operations through USV technology. It is currently the only Chinese enterprise with autonomous USV platform technology, comprehensive system development, and independent research and development of complete USV vessels and integrated platforms.

Redhill Capital, a specialized investment firm in the healthcare industry, was founded in 2018 by former Sequoia Capital partner Lu Qinchao and former Sharewin Investment Management partner Su Zhenbo. Redhill Capital is dedicated to early-stage healthcare and the broader health sector, strategically positioning itself in innovative medical technologies such as high-value consumables, in-vitro diagnostic reagents, consumer healthcare, and digital health. It stands out as a fund with a rare combination of expertise in medical technology investments, profound industry understanding, and impressive investment performance. Notable investments include companies like Be Light, Kofun Medical, and Heyuan Biotech.

Specialize in delivering operational consulting and intelligent solutions for the retail industry. Our services encompass enterprise middleware, data middleware, digital retail, e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud computing, big data applications, and logistics and warehouse management.

A leading provider of financial technology and big daata services, deeply leveraging artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning technologies to offer clients services in risk control, anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, business intelligence, and solution categories. Its clientele spans across major commercial banks and leading internet enterprises. It has been approved for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Ant Group, founded with the inception of Alipay in 2004, originated from an initial commitment to solving societal trust issues. After nineteen years of development, it has evolved into a world-leading internet open platform.

Through technological innovation, we empower partners to provide inclusive and convenient digital life and financial services to consumers and small businesses. We consistently open up products and technologies to facilitate enterprises' digital transformation and collaboration.

With extensive global partnerships, we serve local businesses and consumers, enabling "Global Collection," "Global Payment," and "Global Remittance."

Fuho Capital, established in 2008, manages ten funds with total assets close to three billion RMB, investing in over fifty companies.

We specialize in technology transfer and early-stage investments in technology enterprises, incubating a range of scientific achievements from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and outstanding early-stage tech companies. Our primary investments focus on healthcare, TMT/advanced manufacturing, and related fields.

We deeply incubate our portfolio companies, often providing continuous investment, co-founding, and actively driving their development.


Goldman Sachs is a leading large domestic enterprises in exploring capital markets for growth, Goldman Sachs provides expertise in public offerings and targeted placements, managing key stock issuances in both domestic and international markets. The firm has led major and innovative debt issuances for Chinese companies and multinational corporations operating in China.

As a premier advisor in mergers and acquisitions, including cross-border transactions, Goldman Sachs assists clients in achieving strategic objectives by offering tailored financing solutions. The firm has played a pivotal role in milestone capital market transactions for both state-owned enterprises (e.g., Sinopec, CNOOC, State Grid, ICBC, China Life, and Ping An) and prominent private enterprises (e.g., Baidu, Country Garden, Evergrande, and Sina).

Goldman Sachs continually attracts and solidifies client relationships with customized solutions and exceptional execution quality. Actively investing in the Chinese market, the firm established its first RMB private equity fund in 2011, committing RMB 5 billion in total capital.

The Global Investment Research division at Goldman Sachs provides profound insights into the Chinese economy and stock market, assisting investors in understanding key issues impacting businesses and markets.

In 2004, Goldman Sachs and its strategic partner, Gao Hua Securities, established a joint venture in China, with Goldman Sachs holding a 33% stake. Gao Hua Securities, a fully licensed domestic securities firm, engages in A-share brokerage, trading, proprietary trading, asset management, and more.

Goldman Sachs is dedicated to being a long-term partner for the Chinese government, regulatory authorities, and businesses in the continuous development of China's capital markets. Leveraging global resources and experience from other markets, Goldman Sachs aims to help Chinese clients meet evolving needs and achieve strategic development goals.

Founded in 2003, Focus Media revolutionized advertising with its elevator media model. In 2005, it became the first Chinese advertising and media stock listed on NASDAQ and joined the NASDAQ-100 Index in 2007. Returning to the A-share market in 2015, Focus Media's market value exceeded a trillion yuan, securing its position as China's leading media stock.

Focus Media's success, with revenue surpassing billions, is attributed to its strategic focus on the elevator, a key urban infrastructure. Elevators, representing mainstream audiences, essential traffic points, high frequency, and low interference, have become the core and scarce resource for explosive brand promotion today. With coverage of 400 million mainstream urban consumers and over 2.8 million elevator terminals, Focus Media's elevator media is acclaimed as the "most influential brand-boosting medium in China".

ZhiChi Technology is a leading innovator in the field of intelligent customer service, positioned as a technology-driven internet enterprise. Its flagship ZhiChi Customer Service System seamlessly integrates natural language understanding, machine learning, and big data technologies. Addressing pain points in enterprise customer service that traditional methods cannot solve under the mobile and experience-driven economy, ZhiChi's clientele spans diverse sectors such as internet e-commerce, O2O, education, online healthcare, and gaming.

**Key Features:**
- **Unified Multichannel Support:** Customer service inquiries from various channels (desktop websites, mobile websites, WeChat, Weibo, apps) can be efficiently managed on a single interface platform.
- **Innovative "Bot + Human" Approach:** Introduces a unique product model combining machine and human customer service, allowing flexible switching of work modes, significantly enhancing the efficiency and precision of customer support.
- **Integrated Data Analytics:** Incorporates diverse data analysis platforms, offering businesses the foundation for refined management and informed decision-making.

Founded in 2013, Xici Technology stands as a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, specializing in the research and production of magnetic sensors. Currently, Xici Technology operates subsidiaries, including LeErol in Wuxi, Xici in Ningbo, Xici in Bengbu, and a subsidiary in Germany known as Sensitec. The company boasts a dedicated research and development team of over 100 professionals, with core expertise in magnetism, covering the entire industry chain from xMR wafers to sensor module design, development, and large-scale production.

Committed to independent innovation, Xici Technology holds full intellectual property rights for a range of product series, including current sensors, magnetic recognition sensors, magnetic image recognition sensors, thickness detection sensors, and gear sensors. These products find extensive applications in areas such as current detection, non-destructive testing, financial security, biomedical technology, angle and displacement detection, among others.

Qitian Dasheng , a leading provider of intelligent solutions for the hotel industry, strategically positions hotel rooms as user entry points for intelligent scenarios. Harnessing the advantages of offline traffic, the company effectively taps into the vast market of business travel services through this new entry point, precisely reaching target customer groups and ultimately creating a closed-loop scenario for new retail.

Their product and service portfolio includes an intelligent SaaS system for hotel room management, precise advertising services, TV merchandise services, on-demand video services, and the sale of smart hardware terminals, such as intelligent televisions. The company has capitalized on the acceleration of digitalization in top-tier hotels prompted by the pandemic, which has positively impacted its development. Currently, the company's Hotel Management (酒管) business encompasses three core devices in guest spaces: smart TVs, intelligent door locks, and smart lighting panels. Qitian Dasheng has established partnerships with over a hundred hotel brands, including well-known leaders in the industry such as Shangri-La, Home Inn, and Jinjiang. It is now a core supplier for Home Inn, covering room relationships across all Home Inn hotels.

Jibeck, a cutting-edge technology enterprise, places consultancy at the forefront, integrating system integration, model development, software research and development, and testing. As a leader in the XBRL national standard formulation and technology application fields, Jibeck has been recognized as a national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprise. For four consecutive years, it has ranked among the top three in comprehensive rankings for big data applications and algorithm models in the financial industry, as highlighted in the China Big Data Enterprises Rankings.

The company is dedicated to the application and promotion of big data and XBRL technology in China. Jibeck offers comprehensive financial technology services covering strategic consulting, platform construction, and software development in areas such as artificial intelligence, risk management, customer marketing, data governance, precision decision-making, internal control, and XBRL. It has evolved into a leading domestic company specializing in big data applications and services for the financial and government sectors. Jibeck has developed and perfected eight product lines, including risk management, banking, securities, insurance, XBRL, government, general-purpose, and financial strategic cooperation, effectively meeting the data needs of clients in the financial industry.

TCRCure is a biomedical innovation company committed to conquering cancer. Specializing in cancer immunocellular therapy, the company uses engineered T-cells to target tumors. With a focus on CAR-T, TCR-T, and CAR-NK products, TCRCure aims to increase cancer cure rates and reduce mortality and recurrence. Pioneering over a dozen product pipelines, the company has provided clinical treatment for 60+ patients. With an expert international research team, TCRCure operates in the U.S. (Los Angeles, North Carolina) and China (Chongqing, Guangzhou) with GMP-level facilities and significant investments in gene and cell drug development.

3D Medicines Diagnostics , a frontrunner in early-stage precision medicine in China, stands out as a global leader in intelligent and accessible precision diagnostics. Specializing in the complete cancer diagnostic lifecycle, from early detection to dynamic monitoring, the company has also expanded into infectious molecular diagnostics. Its products and solutions are utilized in over 70 countries globally. Committed to technology-driven global product development, the company has established research and development centers in both China and overseas. The group has created a comprehensive research platform, integrating equipment engineering, electrical engineering, life science technology, materials science, and artificial intelligence data analysis. With nearly 400 patents, the company possesses capabilities for automated and intelligent data processing in precision diagnostics. Holding industry-authoritative CAP/CLIA qualifications and a third-party medical testing institution accredited by China CNAS ISO15189, 3D Medicines Diagnostics covers over 70% of core tertiary hospitals in its precision diagnostic marketing network. As a National High-tech Enterprise and holder of numerous accolades such as the National "Little Giant" in Specialization and the Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center, the company is dedicated to providing precise healthcare products and services, managing the entire process from early disease diagnosis to dynamic monitoring.

Biosion, Inc. based in Nanjing, is a biotechnology company dedicated to innovative antibody drug discovery and clinical development. Leveraging its proprietary H³ Antibody Technology Platform and SynAb™ Antibody Technology Platform, Biosion focuses on the in-depth development of innovative antibody drug molecules with exceptional performance, rich diversity, and diverse clinical applications. Through animal efficacy validation and high-quality preclinical development, Biosion aims to bring the next generation of innovative drugs to clinical trials, benefiting patients worldwide. The company's drug targets include newly discovered targets or those in clinical/preclinical research, addressing major diseases such as malignant tumors, tumor immunity, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases. In recent years, Biosion's team has successfully developed several promising innovative antibody drug pipelines and established global collaborations with renowned pharmaceutical companies. Guided by the motto "Innovation for cures," Biosion is committed to developing a new generation of affordable antibody drugs with excellent efficacy for the well-being of patients.

Menlo Biotech is a leading biotechnology company primarily focused on researching and developing the next generation of cell therapy drugs. The company is dedicated to advancing treatments for hematologic malignancies, solid tumors, and autoimmune diseases. Menlo Biotech holds exclusive rights to relevant technology patents from Stanford University and utilizes two proprietary platform technologies: HF-CRISPR gene editing and universal immune cell therapy. Through these platforms, Menlo Biotech is actively engaged in the research and development of innovative cell therapy products.

Founded in July 2019 and situated in Nanjing's nationally recognized Jiangsu Life Science & Technology Park, Nanjing Baikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a cutting-edge enterprise specializing in the research, production, and sales of upstream critical active materials in the fields of in vitro diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals.

Leveraging innovative and highly targeted hybridoma cell fusion technology, along with complementary cell-stable growth factors and a high-throughput screening platform, the company has developed a diverse range of raw materials, including antigens, antibodies, enzymes, and nucleic acids. These products have gained widespread recognition both domestically and internationally. In late 2022, the company secured nearly ¥100 million in Series A funding, accelerating product development and global market expansion.

Suoyuan Biomedicine (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd  is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of highly efficient precision medical technologies. It stands at the forefront, creating a range of groundbreaking first-in-class drugs tailored for the global market.

Fubei Biologics is an innovative drug development company specializing in neurodegenerative diseases. The company focuses on neurotrophic factor signaling pathways and neuroinflammatory mechanisms, dedicating its efforts to developing original drugs for the treatment of major neurological disorders, including stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), chronic pain, glaucoma, and Alzheimer's disease.

Guojin Dingxing Investment Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Guojin Securities Co., Ltd, primarily engaged in private equity fund management and private equity investments. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Guojin Securities Co., Ltd, Guojin Dingxing is a key investment platform within the brokerage's private equity investment institutions. Leveraging its advantages and integrating market resources, Guojin Dingxing has successfully transitioned from managing proprietary funds to wealth management. It offers diverse and comprehensive financial services to fund providers, project parties, enterprises, and corporate groups. With an accumulated fund management scale exceeding CNY 18 billion, Guojin Dingxing focuses on mezzanine investment, industrial fund cooperation, pre-IPO equity financing, PE investments, and New Third Board investments. It caters to the financing needs of leading enterprises and growth-oriented companies across various industries.

FountainVest Partners , founded in 2008, is a leading market-driven private equity investment firm in Asia. Focused on the Asian market, it specializes in seizing growth opportunities in China and investing in companies that grow alongside China. With a track record of successful investments, FountainVest Partners has emerged as a key partner for industry-leading enterprises. Over the years, FountainVest's investment strategy has concentrated on industries benefiting from long-term demand growth and meeting the evolving needs of Asia's growing middle class. Key investment sectors include consumer, media and technology, healthcare, industry, and financial services. Notable investments include Ancestor Bird, SALOMON, Focus Media, Peacebird, Zhaopin, Maoyan Entertainment, and Meituan.

Capital6 Eagle Fund , established in 2019 by Wu Ying, co-founder of UT Starcom and a key figure in the development of the pager industry, along with Peter Vessenes, co-founder and inaugural chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, is a venture capital fund dedicated to incubation and investment in technology innovation and blockchain applications. Capital6 Eagle Fund has invested in the next generation of blockchain infrastructure, distributed networks, trusted computing, healthcare, and decentralized applications. The management team at Capital6 Eagle Fund possesses robust investment resources and technological innovation experience spanning both China and the United States.

Hongtai Fund, co-founded in 2014 by New Oriental founder Yu Minhong and the inaugural Chairman of Huatai United Securities Sheng Xitai, focuses on investments in information technology, advanced manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, new energy and materials, and new consumption. With assets under management exceeding 300 billion RMB, the fund has invested in over 300 companies, earning widespread influence in both China's investment and industrial sectors.

Over the years, Hongtai Fund, leveraging its professional investment capabilities, has deeply penetrated various sectors, successfully nurturing several unicorn and soonicorn enterprises, gaining trust among investors. Currently managing over ten funds, it has matured investment layouts in angel, VC, PE, and parent fund directions. Notable investments include Guoxing Aerospace, Yidianyun, KK Group, Nenglian, Banma, and Xiaoxiandun.

Qingsong Fund is founded in 2012 by Liu Xiaosong, Dong Zhanbin, and Su Wei, is an early-stage venture capital firm focusing on intelligent manufacturing, new energy, and digital economy. With investments in 200+ companies, it has achieved a maximum exit return of 152 times. Notable projects backed by Qing Song Fund and its partners include Tencent, Yingke, SenseTime, Lazy Audio (acquired by Tencent Music), Express Rabbit, and more. Recognized as a leading early-stage investor, Qing Song Fund and its partners have received accolades such as Top 10 Early-Stage Investors in China by CVCRI, Top 100 Investors in China by 36Kr, and Top 30 Investors in Cultural and Consumer Sectors.

SV Tech Ventures , established in 2015, is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, the global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Managed by four seasoned partners in the high-tech investment field, Silicon Valley stands out as a center rich in technology, talent, research, education, and capital. The team possesses extensive experience and resources in Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial and investment landscape, establishing a robust network among technology leaders and entrepreneurs.

Since its inception, SV Tech Ventures has invested in over 70 tech companies through its first and second funds. Recent successful exits include NeuroVasc (acquired, specializing in mechanical thrombectomy for cerebral revascularization), Turning Point Therapeutics (Nasdaq-listed, focusing on targeted cancer treatment technology), Arrinex (acquired by Stryker, medical devices), This is L (acquired by Procter & Gamble, organic personal care), Original Stitch Inc. (acquired by World Co., specializing in personalized custom shirts).

As a tech-focused venture capital fund, SV Tech Ventures actively seeks companies with outstanding technological innovation capabilities, emphasizing early-stage startups with high-tech barriers. They firmly believe that technology breakthroughs stemming from innovation can profoundly and positively impact industries and society, giving rise to exceptional companies.

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), established in 1993, is an Israeli venture capital fund renowned for its unique international network and a focus on technology-driven markets. With offices in New York and London, JVP has expanded its operations with offices in Tokyo and Shanghai. Functioning as a VC with its own incubator, JVP ensures a reliable source of projects. Leveraging its strong presence in international markets, extensive expertise, and substantial funds, JVP assists promising companies in dominating global markets in their respective fields. Recognized as one of Israel's premier venture capital firms, JVP has secured significant investments, including tens of millions from Alibaba, with backers such as 360 and Shengjing Group.

Danhua Capital, founded in 2013 by renowned Chinese scientist and Stanford University Professor Dr. Shoucheng Zhang, along with his former student Dr. Anjia Gu, is a venture capital fund. The name "Danhua" is derived from Stanford and China, symbolizing its mission to be a rapid bridge connecting China to the innovative and entrepreneurial hub of the world—Stanford University and Silicon Valley. Centered around Stanford and Silicon Valley, Danhua Capital focuses on investing in disruptive technological achievements and business innovations in the United States. The investment areas include artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, big data, blockchain, enterprise applications, and other transformative emerging technologies. The fund primarily targets early-stage and growth-stage investments.

Haiyin Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in the TMT sector (Telecommunications, Mobile Internet and Services, Information Technology and Services, New Media, etc.), with a strategic focus on incubating and investing in early and growth-stage enterprises. Established in 2008, its funds, including a Renminbi angel fund, are dedicated to providing growth capital for enterprises in the "seed" and "early-stage" phases, particularly in the mobile internet and broader IT fields. As an early-stage angel investor, Haiyin Capital has successfully invested in outstanding companies such as Palm Fun Technology, Youi Market, and Yixiang Wine Education. In 2012, Haiyin Capital launched a technology incubator fund and the second Renminbi fund, primarily targeting early, rapidly expanding, and growth-stage high-growth technology and innovative business model enterprises in emerging technology fields with market potential.

Beta Venture  is a venture capital firm dedicated to early-stage entrepreneurship in the education sector. With contributions from over 50 successful entrepreneurs and executives in the education technology field, the firm has invested in 60-plus companies, with over half of them securing subsequent rounds of funding, accumulating a total valuation exceeding 4 billion RMB. Pioneering the Y Combinator (YC) model in China, Beta Capital operates the Beita Accelerator, having conducted nine cohorts and providing investment and comprehensive post-investment services to more than 110 education startups. Co-founded by Shen Wenbo, former founding partner of Blue Elephant Capital, and previously holding leadership positions at TAL Education Group, including Assistant to the CEO, General Manager of the Parenting Help Division, and Committee Member of TAL's Strategic Investment Committee. Shen Wenbo has extensive experience in internet entrepreneurship and played a key role in investments in projects like Babytree, VIPThink, Yioodo, Xiaobao Online, BabyBus, and Jiemo Duo during his tenure at TAL Education Group.

ZhenShun Fund  is an early-stage investment fund focused on the internet, established in July 2014. Backed by prominent domestic venture capital institutions and investors such as Sequoia, IDG, Legend Capital, Shunwei, Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang, and Mai Gang, as well as founders and executives from dozens of renowned companies, including Tencent, Tianshen Interactive, LeDong*, Jiuan Medical, Belle Group, and Xueersi. The firm is dedicated to identifying innovative enterprises in their high-growth phase, strategically investing at key inflection points to enhance overall company value.

7 Seas Capital, founded by former Tencent CTO Xiong Minghua in September 2014, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, with a branch in Shanghai, China. The firm is dedicated to bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and markets on both sides of the Pacific through investments in startups in the internet, IoT, and high-tech sectors. 7 Seas Capital focuses on early to growth-stage enterprises, with investment ranging from $500,000 to $5 million, covering seed, Series A, and Series B rounds.

Sangel Venture is among China's pioneer globally-operated professional biomedicine venture capital firms, concentrating on the life sciences and biotechnology sectors. Renowned for its leading expertise and abundant project resources within the biomedical investment industry, Sangel Venture, with offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Suzhou, and Chicago, is led by a team of industry experts, scientists, and investors. The firm is dedicated to fostering innovative growth enterprises with significant capital and business potential.

Yonghua Investment is a fund management company under the Yongjin Group, focusing on private equity investment. With nearly 20 years of experience, it has expanded into VC investment, industrial mergers and acquisitions, overseas ventures, and business incubation. Adhering to a value investment philosophy, Yonghua Investment is dedicated to investing in promising Chinese enterprises, contributing to the development of the real economy, and maximizing returns. The company has a strong presence in industries such as high-end equipment, new energy, IT, healthcare, environmental protection, education, and consumer goods, with a specialized team for overseas investments.

A data-driven platform revolutionizing the frozen food supply chain, this service specializes in providing a one-stop solution for catering businesses. With a focus on delivering frozen ingredients, the platform boasts an active user base of over 8,000 restaurants, maintaining a steady monthly repeat purchase rate exceeding 85%. In 2019, the platform achieved an annual revenue surpassing 500 million RMB and successfully attained overall profitability for the year.

"Xiaoxian Stew" has emerged as a leading brand in the freshly stewed bird's nest industry, spearheaded by Lin Xiaoxian, a national-level health manager and the Executive Vice Chairman of the National Swallow Industry Association. During the 2020 Double Eleven sales event, the brand achieved a remarkable sales revenue exceeding 4.65 billion RMB, marking a staggering 262% year-on-year growth and securing its position as the top brand in the health, nourishment, and bird's nest industry.

Huji Food is a leisure food enterprise that seamlessly integrates research, production, sales, and promotion. With over a decade of development, the company has accumulated extensive experience in market marketing, brand promotion, and team building. It has successfully shaped three major brands: "Huji," "Hao Ba Shi" (Good Eater), and "You Ni Yi Mian" (With You on a Noodle).

Specializes in hotpot and barbecue ingredients, gradually expanding into a one-stop supermarket chain for home ingredients. With a combination of internet sales platforms, physical stores, and supermarket delivery models, the company has established over 5,000 stores nationwide. The total number of  SKU has surpassed 600, with 70% of the ingredients being exclusively developed by the company.

Specializing in a range of health foods, including high-protein meat, meal replacement staples, and shaping snacks, Shark Buffet is dedicated to establishing itself as the premier brand in the light food category trusted by young consumers. In 2019, Shark Buffet claimed the top spot in sales for fresh chicken breast on Taobao and Tmall platforms.

Fanye, founded by renowned gourmet Lin Yilun in 2014, aims to lead the consumption and industry upgrade in the Chinese seasoning industry. Fanye has evolved into an innovative food company with an independent research and development team, autonomous quality control center, and a portfolio of fast-moving consumer brands.

dedicated to high-quality customized gourmet experiences, offers consumers premium, healthy culinary items crafted by renowned chefs, along with personalized private banquet services. In contrast to fast consumption trends, Yami embraces a philosophy of respecting natural rhythms and craftsmanship, patiently pursuing a culinary lifestyle shaped by the passage of time.