WE BUILD AND INVEST Business for good, co-create shared value to achieve a beautiful earth
Fang Fund

Fang Fund is an impact investment firm associated with Fang Group Family Office, established in 2010. Leveraging a global asset allocation strategy of FOF+ Direct Investment, the fund has invested in over 100 companies and 20 funds. As a systematic investor in organic industry, Fang Fund committed to extend beyond financial gains to fostering sustainable living. Our ethos centers around the concept of "starting from me," where our endeavors aim to create a positive impact on humanity, society, and the natural environment.


Impact fund founded in 2020
Total invested projects
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Oneness Lab
We focus on systematic investments in sustainable lifestyles and the organic industry, strategically funding projects and GPs driving structural changes for the planet's well-being.
We promote well-being through sustainable practices, integrating elements like Organic Kitchen,Life lover workshops, Tea Healing sessions,regular farm works and various activities into our work environment.
We create projects with partners that enhance the sustainability and well-being of humanity, fostering mutual benefit.
We collaborate with impact-driven communities like Impact Hub, Flame China, and MyKunda Community to build a robust ecosystem focused on sustainability and well-being.